Our materials


Every leather jacket in our collection is designed and handmade in Germany, near the shores of the river Rhine, and sold throughout Europe. Now available for the first time in the US.


Our family has traveled the world in pursuit of the finest, most beautiful, soft and stylish clothing. Every item we sell is made from the finest quality leather and metal hardware. It’s our promise only to sell only products you can fall in love with.

fair pricing

We believe in making the world’s most beautiful products available to everyone at a fair price. Authentic quality is the one true luxury, and everyone deserves to experience it in their lives.

modern technology

Our leather is specially treated to create the lightest, airiest jackets on earth. It has been protected with a patented modern process that protects it from rain. Toss a jacket carelessly over your shoulder and step outside into any weather. 

earth friendly

Our family’s roots are in the most rugged and beautiful region on earth. Because of this, it is important to us that all our products materials are sourced responsibly and adhere to strict European labor and environmental standards.


Every jacket is unique, hand-cut and stitched from a unique piece of leather. At the factory, when each jacket is finished, the designers weigh each one individually. When yours arrives you’ll find a handwritten tag in the sleeve, showing you the exact weight in grams of your own unique jacket.


From our their luxuriously light and soft leather exteriors to their plush lambskin linings, our unparalleled materials are carefully chosen, refined, and crafted to provide you with a magical product each and every time.

Leather & Suede

The outer, or Nappa, side of a piece of leather becomes the smooth exterior of a jacket. The inner side is abraded to produce the texture of a soft velour. For some jackets we have sanded or buffed the smooth exterior, resulting in fine, velvet-like Nubuck leather, both durable and soft. 


The exceptional qualities of lambskin — its soft feel, the lightness of the fine, unshorn first wool, and optimal temperature regulation, all create a comfortable and cruelty-free jacket.

More about our environmental standards
Rainproof Treatment

Each garment is saturated with a modern C3 long-term impregnation formula. It provides protection against wet conditions and dirt and maintains the natural properties of the leather. C3 impregnation makes the shearling less sensitive to dirt, stains and mark, which protects your beautiful new jacket and keeps it looking just like the day you first wore it. Boberck jackets are not raincoats. While we do not recommend that you take our jackets with you on your next wilderness adventure, they won’t be ruined if you ever find yourself caught out in the elements. 


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