Our Ecological Values


Our family’s origin story begins in Pagaonia, the most rugged and beautiful region of South America. Maybe that’s why we share a deep commitment to protecting the earth and its creatures. 

We have decided to sell only products which are manufactured responsibly and sustainably. For our first adventure in the US market we have chosen Christ Leather to supply beautiful handcrafted leather jackets. 

From their factory working conditions to their water usage, their practice and stringent environmentally-friendly criteria aligns perfectly with ours. That have even received several awards and honors. They are able to create the highest quality garments while adhering to strict standards and as such, we are honored to work with them in our endeavor to provide the best products from around the world. 

European Standards

The leather jackets are manufactured in Germany, a country known for stringent environmental regulations. The leather skins are imported from South America. Some clothing makers use this kind of international approach to avoid following Europe’s stricter sustainability and cruelty-free guidelines. Christ went to Uraguay in search of fine leather at a fair price, and has decided to enforce the European guidelines across their operation, exporting European standards to other parts of the world even when they are not required to. 

The Christ Tannery, Toryal S. A. is managed in accordance with Germany’s standards. That includes not only their animal welfare standards, but also water treatment standards, which are so important in the making of leather.

Christ produces all leather and ready-made pieces and guarantee adherence to the most exacting standards for all stages of production. 

Animal Welfare

No cow or steer is ever killed to produce the leather in a jacket you buy from Boberck. Our leather hides come from South American beef animals, and would have gone to waste if they were not used here. Like our leather, our lambskins are a byproduct of the meat industry, and if they were not used in our jackets, would have gone to waste. 

Baby lambskins are the rarest and softest lining used only sparingly. No lamb is ever slaughtered to produce these soft linings. They are made only in very small production runs, so it is possible to meet our entire need using only the skins of herd animals who die of natural causes in the mountains. Selling the skins of these animals helps cushion the losses of farmers herding sheep in the rugged mountains of Uraguay. 

Worker safety and the environment

The way we treat people reveals who we really are. Christ looks after their factory workers and the surrounding community by completely eliminating cancer-causing dyes and inks from its leather tanning process. 

Carbon Neutral

Tanneries require copious amounts of water. The Toryal tannery uses 32,000 gallons of water each day. First, this water has to be heated up to a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Previously, this process required 950 gallons of oil each day but as of 2007, Christ has completely shifted to renewable energy. 

Achieving this goal meant building their own solar energy plant. This created immediate energy savings of 20%. But there was still more to be done before Christ could call itself carbon-neutral…

Renewing forests

Some wood must be burned to heat the water used in the manufacture of any leather good. But Christ invested in a modern high-speed chipping machine which makes more efficient wood chips from logs. Chips not only optimize combustion but also reduce the wood needed compared to simply burning logs. 

Christ plants 2 trees for every tree that is cut down to fuel their tannery. As a result, Toryal produces, in net, no CO2 emissions and has secured its supply of renewable energies for the next 50 years. 

This type of fierce adherence of protecting the environment is what attracted us to Christ and the jackets that they craft. We are proud to work with a fellow brand that produces quality that you can see and feel without putting our planet at risk along the way. 


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