Meet Boberck




We present you collections featuring wonderful lightness and combining classic and modern elegance. Fashion you can really feel good in because we have selected the best and finest leather for you and refined them using special processes to make them especially light and soft. We then make unique models from them to underline your personality and to convey a feeling of sublime comfort. And in every respect, because we apply the most stringent environmentally-friendly criteria and have put in place exemplary working conditions, as evidenced by the numerous awards we have received. For over fifty years we have seen it as our duty to set the highest standards of quality, that you can see and feel. Our collections- whether fashion, bags or accessories – are unique. They let you feel all the care and love they have been crafted with. We hope your CHRIST style gives you a lot of pleasure.

Moving production abroad is often used as a way of circumventing the strict environmental regulations in place in Germany. When finished goods are procured from outside suppliers there is usually no way of ensuring that the products are manufactured under optimal environmental and working conditions. We produce all our leather and ready-made pieces in our own factories and guarantee adherence to the most exacting standards for all stages of production. Especially in the leather industry this is not standard practice. We manage our tannery Toryal S.A. in accordance with the strict German regulations and have already received several awards from environmental organizations for the standards we apply.

Tanneries need large quantities of water. Our Toryal tannery uses 120.000 litres of water each day and it first has to be heated up to a temperature of 80C. This process used to require 3.600 litres of heating oil every day but since 2005 we have been pursuing the ambitious goal of completely switching over to renewable energies. This goal has been a reality since 12 April 2007. The first step was to build a solar energy plant, which immediately produced savings of 20%. A high-speed chipping machine makes wood chips from the wood, and these chips not only help to optimise combustion but also reduce the wood needed by 5% in comparison with burning logs. The CO2 emissions produced by the combustion process are compensated for by the new trees planted. Toryal thus produces no CO2 emissions and has secured its supply of renewable energies for the next 50 years – a major contribution in terms of protecting the environment.