Where Can Boberck Summer Shoes Take You?

Where Can Boberck Summer Shoes Take You?

August is here and summer is still in the air! What’s better than the summer season? Soaking up the sunrays, the smell of the salty beach air, and family all around. Wearing your favorite sun dress, floppy straw hat, and oversized sunglasses. The comfort of knowing you’re wearing the best leather, handmade shoes made by Boberick to complete your summer look.

Boberck is a trusted, family-owned company, making handcrafted womens’ shoes, using only the finest quality leather with your comfort in mind. Boberck allows you to be the trend-setter, bringing you the latest styles in womens’ shoes.

Summer Shoes


What’s more perfect than wearing a shoe called ‘Summer’? With straps above the ankle, Summer adds a perfect, sleek look to any outfit.  These sandals come with a travel bag for all of your summer adventures. Take comfort with you everywhere!


The Leilani is great for walking around – whether you’re visiting family or sight-seeing at an exotic vacation destination.  Simple and elegant, the Lelaini will be sure to draw compliments. Plus, the softest leather, European design and no-slip technology will make them comfortable enough to keep them on your feet all day!


Having a dinner party this season? Boberck has the perfect sandal for the occasion! Isla is the perfect slip on, non-slip shoe for any stylish party. Great for all day comfort and sure to be the talk of the evening.

Imagine where Boberck sandals can take you this summer. Let us know where your summer adventures have taken you this year in the comments!



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