Two Worlds, Two Styles

Two Worlds, Two Styles

When people see me and my mom together, they often say "Like mother, like daughter," but that's not entirely true. Our personalities are actually quite different, and I think that shows in our style. For example, when it was time to pick out back-to-school shoes, I fell in love with the Boberck Amelia, a fun-loving zip-up shoe with epic two-inch platforms. I chose silver. It goes great with jeans and anything black, ideal for "Goth" girls like me. But my favorite part is the math formulas scrawled across the side. I call it the "No, I'm not cheating on my Algebra exam!" feature. 

My mom, on the other hand, is drawn to a completely different look. Of course, as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company, she can't exactly show up to investor meetings in two-inch platforms. Instead, she opts for the classy patent leather of the Boberck Frankie oxford. Or, if it's a special event she might don the Miranda, with its elegant snake pattern that brings to mind a bygone era of aesthetic opulence. I don't think I'll ever go into accounting or high finance like my mom – I'm a bit too artsy for that. But I'm confident I'll find the right career path just like she did. And hopefully, like her, I'll never lose my sense of style.

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