Travel Stories

Travel Stories

A Medieval Adventure

The invitation to visit my friends in Gascony, France, seemed whimsical at first, an adventure for someone else. So when I said "yes," it surprised even me. But now that I'm here it all seems so logical. Terry and Joe run an artists' retreat in a medieval walled city, so I have a place to stay and creative people to talk to. I spend my mornings exploring the labyrinthine streets of the Old Town, stopping in for a "café" from time to time. My Boberck Val loafers are perfect for navigating the rough cobblestones and sloping stairwells. In fact, I can walk for hours, losing myself in history while breathing in the scent of French lavender. I can't believe I almost turned down this perfect getaway! From now on I'll have to remember to say "yes" more often.  


It's About the Music

England...I've always wanted to go there. See Big Ben, the Tower of London. Go to a pub, maybe a museum or two. But the main thing for me has always been the music. And this year I have tickets to (drumroll, please!) the Glastonbury Rock Festival! That's right. After a few days in London, my cousin and I plan to head to Somerset, south of Bristol. It's just a three-hour train ride. Then we get to experience three days of fantastic music, not to mention theater and dance, in an overall fun atmosphere. It'll be "blinding", as they say in England. I'm packing lightly, of course. Just bringing a few favorite outfits, and of course my Boberck Brooklyns in silver. Perfect for walking, touring, dancing, you name it. Plus they look fantastic, and I know the Brits have a thing for style.

Boberck Val                         Boberck Brooklyn

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