Signs of Summer

Signs of Summer

June 06, 2017

When do you know summer is finally here? Is it the first fluffy cloud in a cobalt blue sky?...Sudden invites to backyard dinners and sailing trips? Or maybe it's the moment you slip into your new Boberck summer sandals, skipping out the door with a devil-may-care attitude. 

You've got the sandals, now bring on the summer!

This year's diverse selection of Boberck leather sandals will help you breeze through summer in style.  You can craft your look with chunky wedges, elegant straps, or even a festive new take on espadrilles. 

Be Bold

Platforms for the Girl Next Door

If you want to "heighten" your day, the Carmen or Veronica wedge sandal will do the job with over two inches of alluring platform. Choose from Carmen's peephole crossover design in copper, gold or black. Or for a stunning duotone look, check out the Veronica, with colors so vibrant you'll feel like a kid again. A perfect choice for strolling down the Malecon. Uppers and linings are 100 % leather.

Get Happy

Strappy and Stylish

There's nothing like strappy sandals to boost your mood on a hot day.  And the Leilani, in white, black, gold or leopard, won't disappoint. Embodying simplicity and taste, this handcrafted leather shoe is adorned by a subtle metalwork feature that says, quite frankly, "I've arrived." Designers have added a non-slip sole and supportive base to ensure you arrive in comfort as well as style. Uppers and linings are 100 % leather. Ankle strap is adjustable.

Wrap it up! 

Not Your Mother's Espadrilles

Queen Isabella meets Louis IV in this charming new version of the classic espadrille. Introducing the Gigi, an open-toed suede creation topped with a sassy bow.  Available in bold shades, this extra comfortable luxury women's sandal has enough pizzazz for any summer event, from outdoor music to intimate dinners. Upper is 100 % leather.

So you've slipped on your new sandals, and you're heading out the door. And you know what the best part is? Whether you opt for playful or elegant, your Boberck ladies' sandals are designed with comfort and mobility in mind. Summer is here, and it's never felt so good!

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