More Daring than Diamonds: The Boberck Valentine’s Day Guide

More Daring than Diamonds: The Boberck Valentine’s Day Guide

February 08, 2017


Every year, Valentine’s Day comes around and you either panic and feel stuck not knowing what to give your sweetheart, or you resort to the same old routine of flowers, candy, and jewelry. These are great options, but why not challenge the norm and think outside the box (of chocolates) this year?

Here are our favorite Boberck jackets to give your Valentine, whether he or she is a fashionista, an avid traveler, or anything in between. U. S. orders placed by Friday will arrive by Valentine’s Day.

This year, choose something more captivating than candy and more daring than diamonds.


For the Fashion Aficionada

Is your Valentine fashion-forward, with her finger on the pulse of style? While all of our jackets are chic and timeless, there are a few in particular that we think would work perfectly for your fashionable favorite.
 VIVIEN                                                                          AMY

For the Biker Babe

Does your lucky lady feel the need for speed and live for a little danger? These sleek, cool styles will suit her perfectly.
FRANZISKA                                                                  CLAIRE

For the Adventurous Gal

If ‘Adventure’ is her middle name, these modern and sporty yet elegant – not to mention rainproof – styles will be a flawless fit for your fiery flame.
LENA                                                                           CAROLA

For the Rugged Rider

Does your Valentine like to live fast, with no fear of the rough road? These masculine jackets are sure to rev his engine.
VIKTOR                                                                                  JUSTUS

For the Classic Gentleman

If your guy not only knows, but strictly adheres to the laws of fashion, we know just the jackets for him.
DAVID                                                                   RUDIGER

For the Traveling Man

Is your man more likely to take the path less traveled, constantly throwing caution to the wind when it comes to traveling? These warm but easy to pack styles are just the ticket (to anywhere!)
MARTIN                                                                       FRANCO

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