How to Find Women’s Winter Jackets that are Stylish and Warm

How to Find Women’s Winter Jackets that are Stylish and Warm

‘Tis the season for big bulky women’s jackets that no one actually wants to wear. The winter season is like a 4-month-long curse to the fashionable ladies out there. You’re either warm and toasty in a winter jacket that triples your size or you’re freezing in a chic and sleek style. Rarely will you find women’s winter jackets that are just as stylish as they are comfortable and warm. But we are here to change that! Here are some things to look for to ensure practical and chic winter jackets for women.


What Makes a Winter Jacket Warm

The first thing to consider is what makes a winter jacket warm because let’s get serious here, your crop top jacket is super chic but it won’t be as chic when your skin turns blue and you’re suffering from hypothermia. So, before anything else, think about the warmth. As a rule of thumb, anything animal is a good choice. Think duck down feathers, lamb napa, raccoon trimming and authentic leather.  If animals can survive in the cold with it, it'll work wonders for your warmth as well. 


Think Beyond the Price 

Now, here’s the tricky part; there are various materials that add incredible warmth to your wardrobe, all of which are at different price points. However, you simply can’t expect to get optimal style and warmth for department store prices. So, it's important to think beyond the price when determining how much you value your comfort, warmth and winter fashion. 

One of the key things to remember is that you receive higher quality craftsmanship when you opt for luxurious women’s jackets. So, while you're putting more money up front, you'll have a fabulous and functional jacket that’ll last you for years to come. Just think about all the times you purchased cheap jackets, only to find that they weren’t warm at all and then, to also discover that you have to buy a new one every year because the quality simply doesn’t last. With luxury jackets for women, you pay more now but in the long run, you can actually end up saving money. Plus, the warmth you receive from these jackets is priceless.


Pick Your Style

Choosing a style for your luxury women’s winter jacket isn’t as easy as it is when shopping cheap styles. After all, if you buy a cheap jacket that you Winter jackets for women, women’s winter jackets, winter fashion trends, how to buy a winter jacket, what makes a winter jacket warm, luxury jackets, luxury women’s fashion, don’t like, it’s not really a big deal because you’ll be replacing it anyway. However, with a luxury winter jacket, you’ll have it for many years to come – and it’ll remain in tip-top shape. So, it’s important to choose a style that is not only specific to your personal preference but one that is also timeless so that you can wear it for several winters.

Some awesome winter jackets to consider are the fur trimmed styles, leather jackets, puffer jackets and pea coats. These women’s jackets haven’t missed the fashion trend list for several years now.    


Consider Your Lifestyle

The last tip to finding a winter jacket that’s just as stylish as it is warm and comfortable is to consider your lifestyle and what you’ll be doing when wearing that jacket. After all, building snowmen with the kids in a pea coat is a little different than attending haute fashion shows and enjoying the city lights in a pea coat. So, always think about how you’ll wear your winter jackets and if possible, purchase different ones for different elements of your life.


A pea coat for work? A puffer for play? The options are endless at Boberck. Since there’s nothing worse than freezing for the several months that make up the winter, invest in a luxurious, quality winter jacket today and you may not actually loathe the season as much as you thought you did.  


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