A Day with Martin

A Day with Martin

February 14, 2017


Imagine you’re going on an adventure. You are with your favorite people, heading to the green, great outdoors. You can already smell the damp moss and feel the clean, fresh air on your face.  The sound of a distant river is a soft backdrop to your easy conversations with friends. 

It is a cool and drizzly day, but the weather isn’t a factor today. You actually barely even notice the rain or the cold. You feel safe and protected, without being weighed down.

And to top it all off, you feel confident – you know you look good. You have your Martin jacket zipped up and you are ready to take the road less traveled.  

The Martin is the perfect balance of sporty and sophisticated. It is capable of keeping you warm and dry all year-round. Its detachable shearling liner and hood can help you effortlessly transition between the seasons, depending on what you need for the weather.

Whether you live in the frigid, snowy mountains or a crisp, rainy valley – the Martin will protect you from the elements. Plus, with the advanced rainproofing technology, it won’t get ruined along the way. It is made to endure a lifetime of exploration. 

Now is the perfect time to purchase the quality of a Boberck jacket like the Martin, especially with the current site-wide sale.  The Martin is one of several jackets that are now below $1000. Now you can have the ultimate luxury without having the pay an extravagant price. 

Shop the Martin and other timeless, genuine leather jackets now while sales last.

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